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Our payroll, international tax planning, PEO

and contract management services are

here to assist you throughout Europe,

Latin America, Asia, Africa and worldwide.

We act as a your “Employer of Record” – hiring your local people as our employees, capturing time and expenses, processing payroll, providing benefits and HR support, and providing you with global expertise virtually anywhere in the world! Through our extensive network of local and cross-border experts, we are ideally placed to help you manage the complex issues arising from international assignments.

The team at Dynamic are industry leading experts and trusted advisors to multi-national companies when it comes to global payroll solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of jurisdiction, country specific HR practices and compliance requirements.

Along with our in-country experts, we help mitigate the challenges and risks associated with global employment. Why waste internal resources trying to understand social costs and foreign tax calculations, translating regulations from local languages and dealing with complicated and very diverse cultural and business practices?

Dynamic is best positioned with our local partners, who are contractually bound to meet all local compliance requirements on our clients’ behalf, to manage the on-boarding and off-boarding processes for you. Hire one employee or even a team of workers without establishing a local entity and let Dynamic manage it all.